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    Review: Demimondaine: aka The Ugly Truth About Catgirls

    Way behind on my reading quota for the year, so I figured I’d cheat a little and grab something short and potentially sweet. So when I saw that Zoe Miller, the critically acclaimed author of such books as The Visitor and A House Full of Secrets, was doing literotica, I had to grab it quickly before it disappeared. Except, as it turns out, Demimondaine was not written by that Zoe Miller. Apparently, this Zoe Miller is a Brooklyn based author with a cult following on Archive of Our Own and Literotica.com, with a focus on lesbian and non-binary couples. With this in mind, I buckled down to read a book…

  • Life Update

    Out of Twitter Gaol

    I was in Twitter Jail for 8 days and not a single one of you came to visit me. None of you put money on my commissary. Not going to lie, I’m a little upset. But I get it. You all have your own lives to take care of. No time to deal with a criminal like myself. Or maybe you didn’t know? There may have been a trial; I wasn’t there when it took place. According to the e-mail I got, apparently I was convicted of breaking Twitter’s terms of service by posting speech that was Hateful. For example, I told someone not to “fuck a hornet’s nest and…

  • Gaming

    Reach For the Stars. Sometimes Literally.

    In real life, things aren’t going to well. I work long hours, I try to keep my children together, I try to keep a house from falling apart, and I try to keep from letting the bills fall further behind. It is not an easy or a fulfilling life, to be sure. Maybe that’s why, in the bits of spare time I can salvage, I try to get lost in other endeavors. It’s probably this mentality that makes the “another world” genre of fantasy so popular right now – when one can’t make their world a better place, it makes sense to escape to one that already is. It’s rather…

  • Life Update

    Addressing Life Changes

    I have been with my current spouse since December 2011. I moved from Montana to Illinois to start a new life, ultimately with her. In February of this year, most of that comes to an end: she has sought out and aquired a job teaching English in Korea. This is one of those things I am resigned to. It is what she needs to be happy and better chase her best self. Even if I did not care for it (and in many ways I don’t) I can’t stop her from going. Frustratingly, I don’t even know when she will be back. She may be back in a year; she…

  • Journaling

    An Open Apology to Someone I’ve Wronged

    The last week has had me doing a lot of self-reflection, in no small part because of the changes happening in my life and in part because of some drastic family news. Sometimes, when one can’t act, it’s easy to reflect and wallow. I’m not in a mood to wallow much longer, but in that time there were a few things I’ve done that I didn’t care for and wished to make right. I want to be respectful by how I address this apology; on the one hand, I don’t want this to be a call-out post that brings more negative attention to the individual than I’ve already given them,…

  • Life Update

    Definitely a Mood

    A lot going on in my life means I’ve taken a little time off from posting. This means, sadly, I’ll be missing my usual post history. I have hope, and a little faith, I’ll be able to pull up soon.

  • Journaling

    Casting Spells Doesn’t Pay Bills (But Are Fun to Read And Fiction Needs More of Them)

    I grew up in a household molded predominantly by two similar yet antagonistic faiths. On my mother’s side, most family adhered to the LDS faith – that is to say, what most would call “Mormons.” On my stepfather’s side, there was a pull from what I knew at the time to be “Allred Mormonism” but which is perhaps better known as the Apostolic United Brethren. These faiths might seem like they would go hand in hand, but in actuality there was a lot of dissonance between them. More importantly, however, is that each had their own dark secrets that as a child I wanted to unlock and master. My grandfather…

  • Non-Fiction

    Widdershins & Presidential Assassination

    In Eileen Holland’s The Wiccan Handbook (2000, Weiser Books) the author tells an unusual tale about her attempt to influence Saddam Hussein using the magical powers given to her by her Neopagan faith. As quoted: “The news was full of stories about Iraq in late 1998, with televized (sic} footage of sick and starving babies that moved me to tears. I grew more and more upset with Saddam Hussein, upset that he could build palaces while his people suffered. Having all the power means having full responsibility. I knew Western propaganda means having full responsibility. I knew Western propaganda was working overtime, but you can’t fake pictured of emaciated babies…