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    Failing to Wear a Bandana Because Our Home is in Montana

    It’s been an eventful couple of weeks, to say the least. I cleaned out the property we were renting in Illinois. We left a lot behind. There was a sense that maybe there was a lot of stuff hoarded that didn’t need to be, and a sense of shame that the rental property hadn’t been taken care of better. In fairness, much of that wasn’t on us the renters. But some of it was. I am not sure I’ll get a positive endorsement from my previous landlord. I had been working right up until the Thursday graveyard shift, which was a surprisingly joyous affair. I had bought a cake that…

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    Where Do We Go From Here Now That All of the Children Are Growing Up?

    American English has this term called the “coming-to-Jesus meeting” or “moment” in which an individual who is perceived to be on “the wrong path” is shown the error of their ways in a “fire and brimstone” manner in hopes those in attendance will “see the light.” The understanding given by whoever is arranging the meeting is that this is the final bout of effort before the recipient is “too far gone.” Interestingly, Christianity doesn’t really use Jesus this way. The Old Testament certainly did, but Jesus the Messiah Himself was a pretty chill guy. His parables didn’t speak well of rich people, and he’d absolutely wail on those running business…

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    Review – Tower of Ruin – A Dark Dungeon Realm LitRPG

    In a world where the damned must climb an eternally growing tower only to die and try again, Daniel is giving a chance to start anew with his memories intact and the ability to slay the wraith that supervise the climbs. Behind the scenes, deities who feel the tower is a perversion work to eliminate its creator, and the tower’s creator has his own agenda to keep the end of the world at bay. Welcome to the Tower of Ruin. Consider purchasing the book from this link. Doing so may benefit the website. So, fun fact, I was made aware of this book over at the LitRPG Forum Discord, which…

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    Review: Conquest Harem

    So this is a thing I’m doing now, I guess. I give my take on Conquest Harem, an OELN by Digital God. Buy the book on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3f6POnK‚Äč The author’s website: conquestharem.com

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    Review : Kino no Tabi

    I’m at an age and a disposition where I just don’t have a lot of favorite things anymore. My daughter asks me what my favorite color is, and I have to give a half-hearted reply. “I like all the colors,” I’ll say. Or someone will ask my favorite dish, and I’ll have fond memories of chicken fried steak or coconut shrimp, but I’d hardly call either a favorite. I don’t even have a favorite fruit, although at one time I’d answer “pineapple” because hey, it’s a sweet kind of exotic fruit. I’ve never been one to have a favorite band (especially because tastes change, as do artistic directions). Kino’s Journey…

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    Review – King’s Game

    In 1980, movie critic Gene Siskel famously shared his disdain of the movie Friday the 13th by spoiling the come-to-realize plot point of who the killer truly was. This, he felt, was the best way to discourage people from actually watching the movie. In the same vein, let me tell you who the killer of the 2017 anime release of King’s Game: The Animation. The orders are being sent… by a virus. That “30 years ago” sent its instructions by mail, but now it lives on the internet and can use cell towers. It doesn’t have a clear motivation. It can cause people to self-immolate or have their heads magically…

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    BONUS CONTENT of links and people idefk

    Ever just have an off week and go “I sure wish I had content for a blog, but I don’t want to put a lot of effort into it? And then I’ll be surprised when no one takes the effort to read it?” Yeah pretty much. Here’s a bunch of shout-outs, deals, free stuff and whatever. Do you need a God? Get you a Digital God. I guess. I dunno, there’s this author, they call themselves Digital God, they’ve got a book, it’s called Conquest Harem Vol. 1. It’s about two Japanese kids and they are “conquering” girls so I am assuming there’s a lot of nation building and 4x…

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    Review – Legacy Systems Trilogy

    Author M J Conlon has a special place in my mind, going way back to 2019’s release of The AHKH Resurrectionist Chronicles. The setting in theory wasn’t super original, but the way it was played was. The main character, in this case a disabled former Army Ranger, finds himself uploaded in a game with a chance to have his consciousness moved to a clone upon arriving at a new planet far far away. Only a very small number of players can “win” a chance to be reincarnated, however, and the game has significant pay-to-win elements that give the aristocrats an advantage. I loved the setting, I liked some of the…