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    Review: Conquest Harem

    So this is a thing I’m doing now, I guess. I give my take on Conquest Harem, an OELN by Digital God. Buy the book on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3f6POnK​ The author’s website: conquestharem.com

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    Review : Kino no Tabi

    I’m at an age and a disposition where I just don’t have a lot of favorite things anymore. My daughter asks me what my favorite color is, and I have to give a half-hearted reply. “I like all the colors,” I’ll say. Or someone will ask my favorite dish, and I’ll have fond memories of chicken fried steak or coconut shrimp, but I’d hardly call either a favorite. I don’t even have a favorite fruit, although at one time I’d answer “pineapple” because hey, it’s a sweet kind of exotic fruit. I’ve never been one to have a favorite band (especially because tastes change, as do artistic directions). Kino’s Journey…

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    Review – King’s Game

    In 1980, movie critic Gene Siskel famously shared his disdain of the movie Friday the 13th by spoiling the come-to-realize plot point of who the killer truly was. This, he felt, was the best way to discourage people from actually watching the movie. In the same vein, let me tell you who the killer of the 2017 anime release of King’s Game: The Animation. The orders are being sent… by a virus. That “30 years ago” sent its instructions by mail, but now it lives on the internet and can use cell towers. It doesn’t have a clear motivation. It can cause people to self-immolate or have their heads magically…

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    BONUS CONTENT of links and people idefk

    Ever just have an off week and go “I sure wish I had content for a blog, but I don’t want to put a lot of effort into it? And then I’ll be surprised when no one takes the effort to read it?” Yeah pretty much. Here’s a bunch of shout-outs, deals, free stuff and whatever. Do you need a God? Get you a Digital God. I guess. I dunno, there’s this author, they call themselves Digital God, they’ve got a book, it’s called Conquest Harem Vol. 1. It’s about two Japanese kids and they are “conquering” girls so I am assuming there’s a lot of nation building and 4x…

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    Review – Legacy Systems Trilogy

    Author M J Conlon has a special place in my mind, going way back to 2019’s release of The AHKH Resurrectionist Chronicles. The setting in theory wasn’t super original, but the way it was played was. The main character, in this case a disabled former Army Ranger, finds himself uploaded in a game with a chance to have his consciousness moved to a clone upon arriving at a new planet far far away. Only a very small number of players can “win” a chance to be reincarnated, however, and the game has significant pay-to-win elements that give the aristocrats an advantage. I loved the setting, I liked some of the…

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    Review – Master of Martial Hearts

    I can’t believe it. Today, February 2nd 2021, will forever be known as Watched This Horrible Anime Day. My dream of watching a god forsaken show worthy of giving a low-tier score has been fulfilled. I can finally drop out of the Leth’s Lounge Anime Exchange tournament. Others fought valiantly but I think just 3 shows in we can call it. A winner has been determined. Seriously, I am 12 and just what is this. What is this show, and what does it want with us the viewer? Is this just some silly childhood story? If so, why did I fight to watch it with my very life? Note –…

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    Aruku Adventures Compilation [Everquest 2 Fanfiction/In-Game Books]

    Everquest 2 is hard to play today. It’s got so many abilities. I logged onto it for the first time in years, and that time was just a short couple of month stint before the years before that. My highest level characters are only level 100 over a level cap of 120. My Defiler (a type of healer that casts “wards” that deflect damage and also debuffs enemies) has just shy of 60 items on his hotbars. That’s 6 hotbars. I can’t make this up. In fairness, I guess there were some changes in the game that removed some abilities, and so there are a couple of empty spaces. Also,…

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    Review – Bloom & Dark: A Burningsoul Novel

    I had to do a Google search today… My first brush with Regina Watts was when Facebook decided to advertise her to me, likely because of some of the other books I read. The advertisement said something like “Like Eric Vall? Meet Burningsoul.” Eric Vall, for the uninitiated, is the absolutely prolific author of a lot of harem-style stories, who at his best keeps his fans entertained by putting out about a book a month across a multitude of franchises and at his worst may actually be like 15 elder gods and an AI all writing together under a pseudonym. (Seriously, the conspiracy theories about “the truth” of Eric Vall…

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    The Dumbest Argument I’ve Had on Torn MMO With a New Player to Date

    In Torn City, faction member Fahquetu is playing Torn Poker, which is a dumb game but citizens gotta play it to get a mysterious Poker Score of 10 Million. Only Faqhuetu is really good at the game. He manages to win $7,000,000 from georgyel, some lowbie scrub betting money he can’t afford to lose. In anger, he teams up with another player to mug some of that money back. This is very poor taste in Torn City, kind of on par with pooping yourself in church. So someone, I DON’T KNOW WHO, but someone hospitalizes the guy 11 times, most of them with a single stealthed throw of a grenade.…