About This Blog

Yourock.FYI was created in 2016 with the primary purpose of learning the WordPress environment, and with the secondary purpose of hosting a URL redirect service. Today, the blog hosts a variety of content by the author including written pieces of fiction, works of nonfiction, sharing of fandom related content especially as it pertains to video games, and reviews of various media including books with a focus on fantasy and GameLit.

Who am I?: My legal name is Timothy Olsen; I am a family man in my late 30’s who enjoys gaming, writing, and networking with others. I was raised in Montana as part of a fringe Mormon denomination known as the Apostolic United Brethren, spent significant time in Louisiana and Washington attempting to find myself, then returned to a different part of Montana where I realized I was never really lost to begin with. I now find myself about an hour from Chicago, IL, where I’ve resided for the last decade. Most of my work experience has been in various customer service fields, although for the last several years I’ve transitioned to the manufacturing industry with a focus on quality control and metal processing. A history of significant mental health issues flavor my experiences and, by proxy, my sharing of those experiences. I swear too much.

On the internet, I’ve gone by several pseudonyms, most notably S. Selcouth, Sethimothy, and in certain online games under the handle Midrasche. I have been branded as a “former internet mid-boss” and a “nefarious anti-hero” because these are catchy bylines; ultimately they are meaningless outside of flavor. Mostly I’m just a guy who has invested too much time on the internet and grew to use it at a time when longform writing on places like Livejournal was favorable.

Someone once told me “if you wish you were a girl, you already are one” and I didn’t want to be a girl (like, at all) but I did often wish I were a cat; thus in some social networking environments you may see others reference me in this way. It’s more of an inside joke meeting a philosophy than it is a delusion or some sort of lifestyle. As it is said, “It’s okay to affirm yourself as what you wish to be so that you can do your best, be your best, and live your best.”

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