The Dumbest Argument I’ve Had on Torn MMO With a New Player to Date

In Torn City, faction member Fahquetu is playing Torn Poker, which is a dumb game but citizens gotta play it to get a mysterious Poker Score of 10 Million. Only Faqhuetu is really good at the game. He manages to win $7,000,000 from georgyel, some lowbie scrub betting money he can’t afford to lose. In anger, he teams up with another player to mug some of that money back.

This is very poor taste in Torn City, kind of on par with pooping yourself in church.

So someone, I DON’T KNOW WHO, but someone hospitalizes the guy 11 times, most of them with a single stealthed throw of a grenade. A few of those attacks, a metal nunchuck is applied.

Georgyel is not a fan of this, and decides to get super mad and threaten the person he originally mugged. At this, it’s on, and I step up my game. This, my friends, is the very best way to do bountying in Torn MMO:

Anyways, the guy reached out to Midrasche. It’s uh. It’s not very promising.

Midrasche: Hello, Poker Mugger! Welcome to the chain list! :3 How are you doing tonight.
georgyel: Hello mr protector
Midrasche: Ms, actually.
georgyel: since ppl spend money on me
georgyel: im doing awesome
georgyel: excuse me ms
Midrasche: Apparently not that awesome, apparently you lost a hand at poker and decided to act up a little as a result? Sore losers are never fun…
georgyel: i take what’s taken from me
Midrasche: If you can’t lose the money, don’t play the game. :3 The amount of trouble you’ve found yourself in over a mere 7 mil, that you yourself decided to gamble… that’s kind of sad, really.
georgyel: Duke doesnt ask
georgyel: mugging is as legal as poker
georgyel: that’s the price he pays for not taking precautions
Midrasche: Well yeah, in as much as it’s not exactly against the law to shit yourself in church… but there’s expectations. And for someone who is trying to hard to be a trader, I would have thought you’d know better.
georgyel: you think he’s trying hard to be a trader
georgyel: check out my market items statistics
Midrasche: I did! That’s why I was surprised you were acting so out of hand, over such a small pittance.
georgyel: i put effort since the begining to make that networth
georgyel: i willhardly accept some “luckers” to get the same networth in 2 months
georgyel: or even less
Midrasche: Then… and listen closely here… quit gambling that money. Because it’s lost now. And by acting up, you’re going to find it a lot harder to make money in the future.
georgyel: before myself i did the right thing, you are welcome to put any effort you find reasonable against me.
georgyel: i will not change my view
Midrasche: Well that’s good. I hate it when people come crying back to me, or the people who are actually competent and strong in this faction, begging for forgiveness. Makes me start to feel a little guilty. Although admittedly, never more than a little.

And then I blocked him.

There isn’t a moral to this story. I’ve basically just wasted your time. Not as much as this kid’s time is about to get wasted though… :O

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