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April Update

I haven’t updated this blog in about a week. This is the result of several things hitting my life at the same time. The hosting company I use switched everything over to new architecture, which was seemless, but also meant I couldn’t update on Tuesday or Wednesday, two days I am really good at updating on. Work has been getting more involved lately, which makes it harder to do non-work related things while there and also means I am more exhausted when I get home. Less time reading means fewer long form reviews. Also, as of late, I have found myself wondering more not just why I review media, but if the way I go about it might be flawed. Lots to figure out.

This blog has been getting a lot of views, some of which aren’t even bots! I wish I could say the same about the comments:

All this reading and reviewing makes me wonder if I am just procrastinating from writing my own stuff. I also wonder if I am being too lenient on some things and too hard on others. An author brought to my attention I have a reputation for “review bombing” which is provably false and also kind of hilarious, but it does make me reconsider a few things.

I will continue to post affiliate links to products as I can, although ebooks are a poor thing to market (since November, I’ve made like $2 off of sales). I might reconsider how I handle the Adsense ads (i may like one to four cents a month off of them.) These things said, I think the healthiest thing to do is just treat this as a hobby and move forward accordingly. Do it well, don’t spend too much on it, that sort of thing.

At a time when the world has come to an end, I am still working. This is a blessing and a curse. Always wandering when (not if) I’ll catch this disease and leave my kids parentless. As a heavier individual with a history of asthma, I’m the sort of person “The Covid” loves to kill. Also, work is feeling the crunch so they are watching everyone. Don’t have to worry about paying unemployment to people you have a good reason to fire, after all.

A lot of people got checks from the government? Which may soften the blow for some and buy nice televisions for others. Sadly, as one of the millions of people who filed online via H&R block, the IRS did not have my direct deposit information. Now they do but I am stuck on the error where it tells me to come back in 24 hours… forever. Frustrating. That money would pay up on rent and buy me some breathing room. Maybe get some cheap insurance so I can afford another inhaler.

Just doing the best I can as a single parent. Trying to get my health in check (lost 12 pounds in the last two months! Just 78 more to go…) and keep my mental health from going too far off. It is a challenge. I worry for my children, and to a lesser extent myself. I know many that can relate.

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