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My Ramblings About Various Ships

In a post late November, user (god I hate his name) LiteraryFuckBoi posted his opinion piece “Rambling About Various Ships.” It got me thinking, you know, I’m an individual who has some ships he likes, maybe I should share them? So in this post, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. He talks about ships he enjoys and ships he finds questionable, and I think that’s a great place to start. So without further ado, and without any particular order, here’s a list of some ships.

Eve Online: Catalyst

The Catalyst is an amazing Destroyer-class ship that’s cheap enough a pilot can afford to lose a few, strong enough to punch a hole in many NPCs, and fast enough to warp out of trouble when things get dire. I personally love fitting rails on these bad boys, so I can start shooting at people before they have even begun to target me. Sadly, this doesn’t matter because everyone uses missiles or drones and the ship gets blown up. When this happens though, hey, at least it’s just a Catalyst, and not another god damned Orca. Seriously, I lost an Orca to a Triglavian fleet once. God damned embarrassing. I guess some people can actually fight those things and win? They probably use missiles. I don’t know. Seriously, Catalyst is amazing, everyone should fly one.

Spelljammer: Dragonfly

If you’re an adventurer who needs to get through the aether of space as you travel from one world to another, you can’t go wrong with the Dragonfly. At just 6000 gold pieces, they cost considerably less than any +2 magical item (at least in 3rd edition; it sounds like 5th edition handles prices considerably different). Whether you’re a Wizard looking to do research literally in the middle of nowhere of space, a smuggler looking to transport illegal cargo across the galaxy, or an adventuring party looking to fly in style, you just can’t beat this thing. It lacks any serious firepower, but the purpose of this ship isn’t to get involved in spaceship combat. Sure, some adventurers might prefer the Damselfly, but those things are five times as expensive as stick out like a sore thumb.

Kancolle: Nagato

I don’t even remember why I ended up searching for stuff around this ship. I don’t even play this stupid mobile game. Worse, none of the ships have animal ears. Not one. What’s the point? Apparently this is the humanization of a ship that now rests under 110 feet of water, so if you like ships based off of real life shipwrecks this would be a good pick. Apparently it got wrecked in Operation Crossroads, which is a weird name for an operation that took place at sea where there are absolutely no roads. I have no idea how good this ship is in the game because again I don’t play gacha anymore.

French: Favorite

This was a Pallas-class frigate used by the French during the Napoleonic Wars. 44 guns, a full crew, and led by a guy named Bernard Debourdieu. Don’t ask my how to pronounce that name. I can tell you how to pronounce the Favorite’s fate: Ka-boom! Yeah, the crew tried to outwit the British flagship HMS Amphion, and it did not go too well. Favorite got pulled too far away from support, Amphion’s guns killed a whole bunch of the crew, and then two separate attempts to board the Amphion failed. Those remaining of the crew said “forget this” and lit the damn thing on fire. I guess this boat wasn’t a favorite after all. Get it? Favorite? Ah, poor damn ship.

Star Control: Eluder

The Spathi are a super cowardly race, so it only makes sense that they’d have a super unusual looking ship that only fired from behind. Still, it’s hard to fault a ship that flies so fast, has such reasonable durability, and is so easily crewed. It also has the uniquely named Backwards Utilizing Tracking Torpedo, which sounds like a human expelling flatus despite space not having the ability to carry sound. This ship was designed with the sole purpose of helping those who flew it escape battle, and in this it works admirably.

Feel free to leave a comment about some of your favorite ships!

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