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It’s Almost October

I am very bad at updating this website! cancelled my Associate Affiliation with them. I renewed it, but now have a different ID, so need to update past links. Not that anyone was clicking on them anyways? But it is a thing I need to do. I also edited this WordPress theme manually, and the darn thing reverted back because apparently only people with the Pro version of this theme are able to change some of what I did. Crafty little thing. I’ll look at fixing that in the future as well.

I continue to work far too many hours. I figure on the average week, between work and commute I’m gone 84 hours out of 168. 84/168. Half of my week lost to work. And I’m still not getting caught up. So something obviously needs to change. I feel the best way to handle this is at the start of 2020 look for work that will allow me to work normal day hours plus perhaps weekends, getting the kids to school and ensuring they are with an after school program until I return.

Been working on my writing more, and have some published authors actively encouraging me. Don’t wish to jinx anything though! Aiming for a 65k-70k short. This should be doable. It helps I’m using someone else’s established world. Maybe one or two people will actually read it! 😀

Kit Falbo has given me the opportunity to narrate an upcoming short of his. Need to make time, and need to do it. This should, of course, be very doable, if I make the time and practice proper time management. Of course, this is an issue – I am not good at time management. Wish me luck.

My wife has graduated with her HR Management degree. I’m not sure what this means for her, or for us. The specifics of this likely won’t be shared on this blog or even online, but is a component of getting my life where it needs to be. Part of me would like to return to school, but that may have been dashed when I dropped out because of all the hours I was working.

I have been reading more, which is good! As of today Goodreads claims I’ve read over two dozen works of fiction this year. I’d like to keep this up. But I should also be keeping up on reading nonfiction as well.

I’ve been very active on social media. This is bad. Understandably, with all the work I do, this is practically the only socializing I do anymore! But social media is not a very friendly place, nor always a fun one. I’ve found myself caught up in strange culture wars I try to understand but often fail to. Sometimes I take things way too seriously; other times not seriously enough. It’s taxing. It’s also hard to tell when people are interested in hearing what I am saying and when people are liking comments or interacting with it because it fits their world view. I feel like an imposter, a lot, and sometimes it just isn’t very fun.

I haven’t touched my Youtube channel since the beginning of the year. I may retire it. I feel I made a solid effort, but looking back at the work I’ve done shows content that isn’t very professional and isn’t always enjoyable to watch. I might just leave it up and leave it be. I feel the platform, as a whole, has become exceptionally toxic. A lot of the more prominent people on it are not people I want to have much to do with!

Hopefully the next time I update this blog won’t be towards the end of October. I might flesh out some more reviews, or something. Hard to say.


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