Three Chapters In

So the story I am working on has three chapters published across three different websites. A fourth will be released Friday.

Those links again are:

Royal Road: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/24026/to-swim-amongst-the-stars



I believe that at this time I will continue to use these three websites without expanding further. That isn’t to say each website doesn’t have it’s own issues and concerns.

Royak Road is large and established. It is very easy to get lost in the riffraff over there.

Moonquill seems like an exciting “just right” sized website, but the talks of having an app that acts as a paywall for offline viewing is very concerning.

Honeyfeed is a concerning ghost town. Worse, there is no real way to see how your works are doing. Its community is almost non existent.

Still… I continue to write! I anticipate this series having roughly 40 odd chapters. So not a small work, somewhere give or take 80k words.

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