So I Am Writing Again

I’ve spent the last month trying to put together something, anything, that I could publish. I wrote about 36k words across three different writing projects. I’ve been rather interested in the LitRPG subgenre, so it is interesting that the work I would release fancies itself “high fantasy space opera” in the vein of Spelljammer. Because why not?

Rather then publish my works on this blog, where no one would read them, I did some research before choosing three different websites I could publish them at. Now, there’s three different places no one will read them!

First is the relatively new website Moonquill: https://moonquill.com/dashboard/books/217

Next, Royal Road (formerly Royal Road Legends): https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/24026/to-swim-amongst-the-stars

Last but not least, Honeyfeed.fm: https://www.honeyfeed.fm/novels/1307

My impressions are kind of mixed at the moment. Royal Road is huge, but it’s hard to get anyone’s attention on it. Moonquill is super new, but also not a lot of eyes on it yet. There is this feeling of “just right” between newness and user interaction on Honeyfeed… but I really need to start getting some readership and feedback!

With two chapters out, 4 more proofread, and a few more I can flesh out? Hopefully we can make this work. Ideally, I’d get to about the 70k-80k mark, find a stopping point, and put everything together in a “Book 1” of sorts and then get that pupper on Kindle Unlimited. But that’s getting way ahead of myself. First we write, then we proofread, then we put it out there, then we hope some one is dumb enough to read it AND has poor enough taste to like it.

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