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Torn City – When Scamming in Global Backfires

Sometimes new players are the best source of fun.

So, pretense – a kid in Global Chat was begging for $50M, clearly a scam, whatever. He was getting a bit lippy. So I told him I’d send him $5M.

And I did – as a bounty. Five hundred thousand torn dollars, ten times (the maximum active bounties you can have at one time.)

He got someone to claim them all, so I hospitalized him and bountied him 10 more times.

That brings us to:

I got Rachless in this screenshot; he is a reviver that got scammed by this newbie boobie. Apparently our hero Crazyman01 doesn’t pay for revives.

And that was the end of it! He paid me $10M as agreed. So you can rest assured I wasn’t going to be placing bounties on him any longer…

On my word as a member of Natural Selection, I’m not going to be bountying this guy further. If you want to bounty him for lulz though feel free to, I might send you some cash for the chuckle.

If you are interested in join the crime city game where you can be anything (TM) feel free to join via this link:
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