Copypasta: Flounce Letter

Hello, I’m random [online community] member #278. Most of you have never seen me post. A few of you know me from [insert link for this weeks drama filled post] where I was in a rather heated online argument. I have to say I’m disappointed in [online community]. I won’t name names in this post even though the entire community knows who I’m talking about. That way I can always point to my post saying, “I NEVER SAID YOUR NAME!” This gives me the upper ground. I didn’t like the way that you did that thing you did. And the photoshopped pictures about me hurt my feelings. Yes, I realize there are different opinions in a community this size but I’ll let the comments of a few posters color my whole perception of this place. So I’m leaving forever. Forever ever? And ever ever? Yes. Although I will still answer all the comments people leave me and I’ll reappear if my name is mentioned. But after that, I’m TOTALLY gone.

Now I’ll write about all the cool things I used to like about this community and talk about how it has changed for the worse. But I don’t realize that by knocking the community, I’m basically insulting everyone who chooses to stay even if they weren’t involved in [insert link for this weeks drama filled post]. I make people feel like they have to justify why they’d remain in such an evil community. After all, if I’m leaving, it has to be horrible. I make some general negative comments about the entire community, once again making us into a mono-faceted group of people just because we have one thing in common. Not like me, however because I’m different. I see the dark undercurrent beneath [online community].

Obviously, social media is serious business to me. Because when you click the link titled, “leave community” it didn’t make me write this post. No, I wanna leave with a BANG! I want to appear righteous. But here is the part I don’t understand. Even if I’m polite and have several valid points, no one will care because goodbye posts are rude internet etiquette. So by being rude, I’d just as bad as the people I’m angry at. But keep a look out for me in the future! Because almost everyone who has written a goodbye post continues to lurk and eventually comes back a few months later, hoping the community has forgotten.

Now I will prepare to be baffled by the immensely negative response my post gets.

Signed, [online community] member #278

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