Life Update

I Wish I Could Step Back From This Ledge, My Friend

This move was the definition of a mistake. Not to say there hasn’t been some great things about it?

I moved out here with a job ready for me – they laid off a quarter of their staff 6 weeks in. I sign up for another job through a temp agency, a little less pay but I feel I’m doing fairly well at it… until they drop me unexpectedly 4 weeks in. Also, while working there, I hurt my lower back in the stupidest way possible, and still haven’t fully recovered. Yay for getting old.

Still staying with family. They are doing what they can to make it work, and I’m grateful for this, but there’s also a bit of friction and it’s clear this arrangement wasn’t what either of us had intended.

The weird sense of deja vu hasn’t really gone away either. I don’t know how I grew up here. I don’t feel I belong here. I have yet to really find “my” people.

In short, woefully under-employed, not in my element, struggling to take care of my family, essentially homeless, trying to dig my way out of a hole we could argue I didn’t so much dig for myself as I willingly threw myself into. Still trying to find the best way to market myself. Have some options, but none of them are going to be bringing in the $700/week paychecks my last job was bringing me. This is problematic when considering I need to be digging myself out of debt and putting myself in a better position, not just coasting.

No, I haven’t really been reading much. I should be, but I haven’t been. Also, I’m far behind on writing as well, although if I really put my nose to the grindstone I might have my first big thing published in an anthology in like, forever. Fingers crossed. My social media presence is significantly diminished. I am not as easy to get ahold of as I once was. Not even sure if I’ll be continuing this WordPress blog, and if so in which capacity.

But… also, not dead yet. So I’ve got that going for me.

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