Review – I Was An OP Demon Lord Before I Got Isekai’d To This Boring Corporate Job!

So, I may have gone overboard with my hilarious meme review that you all should go and rate as helpful right freaking now because I’m desperate for validation. But how did I really feel about the book I gave “negative one” star on Amazon, Goodreads, and Tiktok? Well, to put it bluntly, I think it’s the right mix of clever marketing and solid story writing. The author, Regina Watts (whom you might know from my review of another book of hers, Bloom & Dark) recently rebranded some of her short erotic stories in something of an omnibus complete with an manga cover, and then came out with this hilariously over-the-top romp.

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I Was An OP Demon Lord Before I Got Isekai’d To This Boring Corporate Job! follows Vic Legion, real name not actually known, who works at a corporate office in Tucson, Arizona. Turns out he’s a Demon Lord, and the world he lives in is something of a prison to keep his true powers at bay from him. Now that the secret out, everyone is rushing to get in on the action – angels want him dead, demons want him to be kept in check before he becomes too powerful, women want to worship him because he’s the head figure of their cult… and oh yeah, some demoni want his body.

The pacing is quick. It moves steadily from action sequence to erotic scene to world building nearly seamlessly. There’s some solid variety here in the sex scenes too, which will surprise no one who has looked over Regina Watt’s back catalogue. Those who criticized Bloom and Dark for being too Femdom will be delighted to know that the tables have turned 180 degrees here. The main character is in control, and his lovers are there for it.

It isn’t all just sex, sex, sex though. The intrigue ramps up as key players’ motivations come to light, and more secrets of Vic’s past life beg to be answered… and this is just in the first book? If I were a betting man, I’d argue the author is aiming for a four or five book series here. The groundwork she’s laid out is solid, and there’s a lot more to explore.

If I wanted to nitpick, I would like to see more opportunities where Vic actually had to work to get the affections of the women he was after. They do fall into his lap (and on his floor and on his bed and…) rather easily, and while the set up for each of this is believable, it’d be interesting to see how he matches wits with someone who maybe was interested but not entirely sold, as it were. Might be something we’ll see in a future book? Who knows.

There’s also some small rumblings that this book isn’t a “real light novel” because it lacks pictures inside of it or something and I… just don’t see it. Sure, I personally would argue the claim that this is a Light Novel is more marketing than an attempt to stand alongside other OELN titles, but also I feel this is an argument is just kind of… dumb? It’s a 190ish page story that fits perfectly into that manga vibe, complete with its over the top premise. It can stay. Go home, gatekeepers, you’re drunk.

Mostly, though, I am 100% sold on this franchise. Even if readers never got that alternate cover she was promising if she got one hundred pre-orders (although if Regina Watts is reading this, if you *do* release this book with an alternate cover I promise I’ll buy a physical copy of the book and have you sign it.) Even with the cover stripped like one of those “stolen” books.

I Was An OP Demon Lord Before I Got Isekai’d To This Boring Corporate Job! was written by Regina Watts and published by Painted Blind Publishing. It is listed at 202 pages. It can be purchased from Amazon in e-book format for $4.99, and does have a printed version available for the same as well. It is also available on the Kindle Unlimited platform for subscribers at no additional cost to them.

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