Movie Night (erotica submission)

We’d agree to meet at a local big-chain theatre. The movie wouldn’t matter much; something R rated and preferably not on its opening week. You’d wear a warm sweater and a miniskirt with leggings; a nice balance between staying warm as you’re out and about while also allowing you to suggestively show off some of your finer assets. Underneath a warm winter hat would be your cute hair, tied up in pigtails because of reasons.

Once the lights went down and the movie started, we would want to be mindful of other movie patrons. You’d have to keep your breathing quiet as I kissed on your neck and teased your thighs from underneath your sweater. You’d move your face closer to my lips, hesitating a moment before closing the distance and kissing me passionately. As we sat across from each other, I’d almost casually move my hand past your leggings and over your crotch. You’d push my hand away, but I would continue to move upward, reaching your underwear. In the darkness, I couldn’t tell you what color they were.

Cautiously, I’d continue to tease your neck with my mouth, seeing where I could tease you, lick you, and bite you to get a pleasant reaction. I’d know I had found something that worked when you firmly grabbed my head and pulled me into an action that worked well for you.

As my fingers teased you, your free hand would join mine as you showed me you were ready, encouraging them towards your crotch. I’d move my hand up and down, slicking through your leggings and you started to grind against me.

As you get more and more into it, you’d move the hand guiding mine out of the way, covering your mouth to keep from making too much noise. I’d quickly grab you, pulling you forward and slipping my hand into your pants. It wouldn’t be easy at the angle we’d be sitting next to each other, but if I wrapped an arm around you I should be able to slide between your leggings and your underwear, tracing your wet pussy and exploring it by feel alone.

After a few moments of teasing exploration, I’d produce a bullet-style vibrator. Hopefully no one would hear the soft buzzing it would make. I’d use it like a stylus at first, drawing an outline of your wetness and teasing you through your underwear, in no hurry to do anything more than excite you.

I’d alternate throughout a good portion of the movie between finding ways to get you close to orgasm and pulling back so that you would want more. In between subtle kisses and the occasional rough bite I’d use my off hand to explore your upper body through your sweater. I’d love to feel the weight of your breasts and the way your nipples feel as I brush my fingers across them. I’d love the hear the noises you made as I pinched them.

You wouldn’t have to beg me to come, but you would have to ask me. Once I heard you softly ask you to “please let me come for you,” I’d adjust the position and movement of the vibrator, turning the speed up as your grinding suggested you were getting closer. As you got closer, I’d lean into you, your mouth close to my lower neck, and you could bite into wherever you could reach to help keep your moan quiet as you came. Of course, I’d have to be focused on not crying out as you bit me – it’s only fair.

When we left, it’s unlikely anyone would notice how wet your leggings would be, but they’d absolutely notice the bite mark on my neck. We’d absolutely have to work out how to punish you for leaving such a mark later in the night… but in a more private setting.

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