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Ever just have an off week and go “I sure wish I had content for a blog, but I don’t want to put a lot of effort into it? And then I’ll be surprised when no one takes the effort to read it?” Yeah pretty much. Here’s a bunch of shout-outs, deals, free stuff and whatever.

Do you need a God? Get you a Digital God. I guess. I dunno, there’s this author, they call themselves Digital God, they’ve got a book, it’s called Conquest Harem Vol. 1. It’s about two Japanese kids and they are “conquering” girls so I am assuming there’s a lot of nation building and 4x elements.

Consider buying this book from the above banner, or this link. The website may receive compensation if you do.

Look, I’m not going to lie, I haven’t read this book yet. It’s a LN style book, so I’ll get to it when I get to it. Mostly, I just… can’t get over the only 5 star rating it has.


The Audio Book for Isekai Magus is debuting on Youtube – FREE, for a limited time. Han Yang is expanding his reach by debuting an audio book on Youtube, and is hoping to get more subscribers and viewers from it. If this works it, it may become a more focused thing… so if you like listening to content on Youtube, do your part and listen to it! JUST CLICK THIS LINK HERE. It sounds like a new chapter will be released every week or so, and then at some defined point all of these may be pulled… so listen now, while you can.

HobbiesofaMan is a better reviewer than me, apparently. He has a website, and you’ll never guess the name of the damn thing. He does books, light novels, comics, Japanese cartoons, building toy models of something called ‘gundam’ and stuff like that. Feel free to check him out.

Koji Kojou wanted a shout-out, so here it is: Check out his book club, Bikkuri Book Club! You can read all of his books for free. I mean, his book club says you can “pay what you want to” and you’re supposed to give him like a hundred bucks per book, but nothing outside of your conscious is stopping you from being a truly horrible person and putting zero as the dollar amount. I am told that for a limited time, anyone who pays five dollars for any of his books will receive a customized video shoutout from either him or one of his friends. You will be bikkuri to check out the hon at that webosito*.

Translator’s note: Bikkuri means surprised, hon means book, and webosito means webosito.

Author Gerry Hines is offering a limited time discount on his book The Integrity of the Super Club – 340 pages of non-stop high school romantic comedy for just $1.99. It looks like a solid book, although neither of the reviews are quite as amazing as the early reported book’s.

Consider buying this book from the above banner, or this link. The website may receive a commission if you do.

Wretched and Divine is a blog run by Rose Nsoda. It focuses on reviews of anime, as well as the occasional post about cosplay and photography. She is hoping to share her “most authentic and true self.” Feel free to check it out for yourself here: click this this is the link.

Mel in Anime Land also wanted a shoutout, so I’m linking to her blog with this link right here. When she isn’t talking about Kpop or shows she is watching, she kills people in this simulation she plays, called The Sims. It’s pretty horrible.

That’s all for now. Between work, real life, this frigid weather, the world we live in, and the passing of a close friend I’ve not been at my best. I suppose it is what it is.

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