• Life Update

    Every Year – A New Year

    Someone – was it Plato? Buddha? Backaroo Bonzai? – once said “Wherever you go, there you are.” 2020 was awful for a lot of reasons, but many of them were tied to the fact that I still didn’t resolve the…

  • Life Update

    April Update

    I haven’t updated this blog in about a week. This is the result of several things hitting my life at the same time. The hosting company I use switched everything over to new architecture, which was seemless, but also meant…

  • Life Update

    Out of Twitter Gaol

    I was in Twitter Jail for 8 days and not a single one of you came to visit me. None of you put money on my commissary. Not going to lie, I’m a little upset. But I get it. You…

  • Life Update

    Addressing Life Changes

    I have been with my current spouse since December 2011. I moved from Montana to Illinois to start a new life, ultimately with her. In February of this year, most of that comes to an end: she has sought out…

  • Life Update

    Definitely a Mood

    A lot going on in my life means I’ve taken a little time off from posting. This means, sadly, I’ll be missing my usual post history. I have hope, and a little faith, I’ll be able to pull up soon.

  • Life Update

    The Pizza Counter

    At the place I have worked for over the last two years, we have an electric sign that states how many days its been since someone got so hurt it actually slowed production. I am sure there is a proper…

  • Journaling,  Life Update

    It’s Almost October

    I am very bad at updating this website! Amazon.com cancelled my Associate Affiliation with them. I renewed it, but now have a different ID, so need to update past links. Not that anyone was clicking on them anyways? But it…