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    Review – I Was An OP Demon Lord Before I Got Isekai’d To This Boring Corporate Job!

    So, I may have gone overboard with my hilarious meme review that you all should go and rate as helpful right freaking now because I’m desperate for validation. But how did I really feel about the book I gave “negative one” star on Amazon, Goodreads, and Tiktok? Well, to put it bluntly, I think it’s the right mix of clever marketing and solid story writing. The author, Regina Watts (whom you might know from my review of another book of hers, Bloom & Dark) recently rebranded some of her short erotic stories in something of an omnibus complete with an manga cover, and then came out with this hilariously over-the-top…

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    Review – Missing: A Mason Gray Case

    A long time ago, I was an active member of the Camarilla Fan Club. I think I might still be a member now that I think about it, but I haven’t played in a game in like 8 years? One of my least favorite things about the franchise was how the global chronicle tended to drift towards “Super Friends, But We Dress Dark And Sometimes the DM Makes Our Characters Drink Blood (Because He’s an Asshole).” One of my *favorite* things about it was how player creativity could clash with at times gritty modern fantasy to create personal stories that bled between different players (pun not intended.) William C. Markham’s…

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    Movie Night (erotica submission)

    We’d agree to meet at a local big-chain theatre. The movie wouldn’t matter much; something R rated and preferably not on its opening week. You’d wear a warm sweater and a miniskirt with leggings; a nice balance between staying warm as you’re out and about while also allowing you to suggestively show off some of your finer assets. Underneath a warm winter hat would be your cute hair, tied up in pigtails because of reasons. Once the lights went down and the movie started, we would want to be mindful of other movie patrons. You’d have to keep your breathing quiet as I kissed on your neck and teased your…

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    Failing to Wear a Bandana Because Our Home is in Montana

    It’s been an eventful couple of weeks, to say the least. I cleaned out the property we were renting in Illinois. We left a lot behind. There was a sense that maybe there was a lot of stuff hoarded that didn’t need to be, and a sense of shame that the rental property hadn’t been taken care of better. In fairness, much of that wasn’t on us the renters. But some of it was. I am not sure I’ll get a positive endorsement from my previous landlord. I had been working right up until the Thursday graveyard shift, which was a surprisingly joyous affair. I had bought a cake that…

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    Where Do We Go From Here Now That All of the Children Are Growing Up?

    American English has this term called the “coming-to-Jesus meeting” or “moment” in which an individual who is perceived to be on “the wrong path” is shown the error of their ways in a “fire and brimstone” manner in hopes those in attendance will “see the light.” The understanding given by whoever is arranging the meeting is that this is the final bout of effort before the recipient is “too far gone.” Interestingly, Christianity doesn’t really use Jesus this way. The Old Testament certainly did, but Jesus the Messiah Himself was a pretty chill guy. His parables didn’t speak well of rich people, and he’d absolutely wail on those running business…

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    Review – Tower of Ruin – A Dark Dungeon Realm LitRPG

    In a world where the damned must climb an eternally growing tower only to die and try again, Daniel is giving a chance to start anew with his memories intact and the ability to slay the wraith that supervise the climbs. Behind the scenes, deities who feel the tower is a perversion work to eliminate its creator, and the tower’s creator has his own agenda to keep the end of the world at bay. Welcome to the Tower of Ruin. Consider purchasing the book from this link. Doing so may benefit the website. So, fun fact, I was made aware of this book over at the LitRPG Forum Discord, which…

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    Review: Conquest Harem

    So this is a thing I’m doing now, I guess. I give my take on Conquest Harem, an OELN by Digital God. Buy the book on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3f6POnK​ The author’s website: conquestharem.com