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    An Exhaustive List of Everything I Love About K-Pop

    K-Pop – or “Korean Popular Music” if you will, has exploded worldwide. Major groups such as the Bulletproof Boyscouts, LUNA, and EXO were once confined to the South Korean radio airwaves, but can now be heard around the world. People enjoy their deep lyrics, dance moves, and paying $1600 to see them in concert. Below is a long, exhaustive list of everything I love about K-Pop, including my favorite bands of the genre:

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    7 Steps to Reviewing Media for Fun and Profit

    I have a Twitter account, which I do not use very professionally. And that’s okay! (It’s not okay. I have a social media problem. Someone, send help.) It has proven fun for networking. I recently asked some of my followers what sort of “instructional” blog post they’d like to see me write. Author Chad Davis wrote the following Tweet: How to review a book. I'm really shit at reviews actually, no idea how to structure it or what to talk about in them — Chad Normie Davis (@anactualchad) May 20, 2020 Chad, as many of you might remember, is the author of The Komochi Warui Diary, a coming-of-age story I…

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    3 Indie Authors You Should Give a Chance (Despite Their Book Covers)

    For going on two years now I’ve tried to read a fiction novel a week. Sometimes this is easy, because I choose a fiction novel that is slightly over a hundred pages long. Other times this is more difficult, because the book is a 700 page manifesto. It also doesn’t help that while most people choose authors they are familiar with topics and settings that they are comfortable with, the stories I read are literally all over the place. One day I’m reading a seemingly standard “another world” novel and the next day it’s gay literotica. I’m like a kid at an all-you-can-eat buffet who knows his parents are going…

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    Midrasche’s Education Guide for New Players

    The following is a guide for players of the hit text RPG game Torn City. One of the aspects new players are often overwhelmed by is Education, which allows players to unlock new perks while bettering their working stats. This guide hopes to clear that confusion. The forum thread this guide was originally posted on (and the best place to post feedback in-game) can be found here. — Education is a thing I have spent way too much time thinking about and discussing with other players in this game. There are choices I’ve made that in hindsight I wish I hadn’t, and choices I’ve made others question that I’m personally…

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    7 Ways My Son and I Approach MMO Gaming Differently

    About 6 weeks ago, my oldest son started playing Final Fantasy 14 with me. He isn’t new to the MMO genre at all; he was wrecking parties as a warrior on World of Warcraft back when he was 6 years old and couldn’t tell the difference between DPS and the classes that for some reason weren’t DPS. As an adult watching my son, who is now 14, game it was easy to be concerned at first. However, most of the concerns about meeting sordid people and spending too much time on the game were quickly outweighed by the fact he was DOING BETTER THAN ME. THIS WAS NOT OKAY. IN…

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    Review – Darkness Named

    Tanisha Richards is a wheel-chair bound bisexual Native American woman with hunting experience and a history of playing the mobile game dARkness: Online, when a fateful encounter with a rouge Terms of Service update finds her sucked into the game, or at least a facsimile of it as created by the learning AI Otekah. Can she used the game’s rules to her advantage and escape this world? At the end of book one, we still don’t know. This is a Trilogy, and one I’ll likely finish at some point. What I appreciate it most about this story was how it made me question some biases I held as I critically…

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    The Niche of Yourock.fyi (Or, How to Poorly Monetize Myself)

    There is a saying among those who want to blog for fame and fortune: you need to have a niche. This blog’s niche is me. I’m the niche. Allow me to explain. I started to use the internet in that strange point and time where posting on Usenet was a bit passe but before Facebook became a thing. The internet was a wild place, with BBS boards, Geocities websites, Java chatrooms, AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ… takes me back. As a result, a lot of my interactions with internet people were not in centralized places. They were scattered about on various internet domains, with a variety of names and personas.…

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    Review – Reincarnated as a Familiar

    D.S. Craig’s debut Original English Light Novel, Reincarnated as a Familiar, wastes no time getting to the set-up. The main character, in life a young elementary school teacher, finds herself born again in another world as an Astral Cat, a creature who can see the way people use magic and also augment his own abilities. She finds herself bonded to a 13 year old magician named Lesti, who has summoned him without permission. Lesti believes she’s not particularly good at magic, which is an issue because her very kingdom relies on her mastering it. Can this cat-teacher, now affectionately referred to as Astria, help this young student learn magic while…

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    April Update

    I haven’t updated this blog in about a week. This is the result of several things hitting my life at the same time. The hosting company I use switched everything over to new architecture, which was seemless, but also meant I couldn’t update on Tuesday or Wednesday, two days I am really good at updating on. Work has been getting more involved lately, which makes it harder to do non-work related things while there and also means I am more exhausted when I get home. Less time reading means fewer long form reviews. Also, as of late, I have found myself wondering more not just why I review media, but…