A Fresh Start

So I pestered my husband to set this up for me through his website because I feel like if I’m going to be spending time and serious thought in working on my writing, I need an organized place through which to discuss that.

Well or to just post about whatever other mindless word vomit I have.

I can’t promise I’ll update often, or really post anything much of interest.  But this is a good tool to keep myself accountable and hopefully put a greater focus and more serious emphasis on a hobby I’ve probably been pursuing for 15 years.

Time To Start Generating Content?

Finally updated the webpage to something workable.  It’s not perfect, per se, but it offers for to look at than the style used before it.  Also playing with some scripts in the background in hopes that some of them might actually work, which is proving a learning experience.  Of course, it would really help if I updated this blog more than once every three or four months.

One of the issues I’ve been struggling with is trying to find a voice for this blog.  Do I want it to focus on some of my hobbies?  Would it make more sense to have it focus on educational things I have learned from work and school?  Perhaps I should set a goal, and chronicle my attempts at reaching that?  Without a solid purpose, the blog really just kind of… lingers, begging to be used with no one to really listen.

I will play with it and see what works.  Something will eventually stick.  Right?

I’ve been trying to learn how to better screen capture media on my computer.

Everything is a work in progress.  At least this is a more relaxing bit of work?

Hello World

My first computer was a TRS 80 Model III Microcomputer.  Granted, it was exceptionally antiquated when I first acquired it; it was something that was purchased, put into storage, and then dug out in the mid-90’s only to amaze my family when it still worked.  I remember reading over the manuals, which were these thick hole-punched documents in heavy three-ring binders with faux leather.  One of the first programs the manual had a person create, so that they could understand how to use the computer’s particular brand of BASIC, was one that displayed two words on the screen.


I am not new to blogging by any means, although I have certainly taken a long hiatus from it.  In some ways, the purpose of this blog and this website is to better familiarize myself with certain standards and techniques in website creation and maintenance.  It will also allow me to share my opinions and thoughts on everything from technology and security to gaming and writing.

As I write this, I am a student at a college going after a two year degree in network administration, and I am anticipating acquiring my A+ Certifications and acquiring a few additional certifications as time permits.  I also currently work in the healthcare field as a Personal Care Assistant, specializing in the care of elderly individuals.  I have over 15 years of customer service experience in a wild variety of fields, but it has only been in the last couple of years that I have been focused on rebranding myself as a family man and as a professional.  It is my intent that my years of experience dealing with customers in a number of different venues coupled with my recent focus on skill acquisition will find me in the service of a company that can utilize my talents and skills.

I currently live in Illinois with my saintly wife, my three adorable children (although the oldest would squirm at that adjective), as well as a dog, cats, and two ferrets.  It’s a full life, to be sure, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.