Life Update

Almost September

To be honest, I thought I would be casually abandoning this blog. It doesn’t get much traction. It isn’t like I make a lot of time to dedicate to it. In fact, I tend to let a lot of things fall to the wayside in my life, and this outlet became one of them.

But then, as if a sign from the heavens, my account was debited for the hosting service for a year. Then I found a WordPress theme I didn’t absolutely hate. So here we are.

I’ve been keeping up on my reading, and have a few reviews I’ll post over here. I may be doing some audio for a book, which will be nice. I’ve put a hold on “To Swim Amongst the Stars” and will probably be pulling it from the three outlets I’ve posted it; it may return but I need to make sure I have a work either finished or mostly finished before posting it in chapters.

I’ve all but given up on Youtube at this point; I find the culture too toxic, the sharing of video content too work-exhausting, and the rewards simply non-existent. It isn’t where I want to focus my life right now.

Been doing a lot more than usual to deal with my financial burdens, my relationship concerns, and also trying to balance that with my sense of well being. It’s a struggle, to be sure.

Hopefully the next time I post won’t be in October.

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