40 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

The physical bodies of mainly lightworkers go through a major transformation process and great DNA changes during these turbulent times. The daily infusion of crystalline energies triggers a transmutation process in the physical body and gradually evolves from a carbon body to a crystalline light body .

The evolution of the earth is currently gaining momentum. It is actually about the reconstruction of the Universal Man on earth in its original form. Many people already have a mutated DNA right now and this process will continue unabated. It goes without saying that it is important that you prepare your body well for these changes. Now, the physical bodies of many lightworkers are still carriers of old DNA codes, energetic blockages, a weakened immune system and all kinds of chemical contaminations as a result of artificial food, industry, etc. Not for nothing many souls experience all kinds of transitional symptoms that have to do with with the imminent quantum leap in consciousness. Many transmutation symptoms are due to the fact that the higher energy frequencies “collide” with the remaining lower energy frequencies that are still held in the bodies. The symptoms can be of all kinds. Below we give an overview of 40 symptoms that may occur. Then we will give some very practical advice with which you can move much smoother and easier through the awareness shift. spiritual awakening

1. Changing sleep patterns : Restlessness, hot feet, waking up two or three times a night, feeling all kinds of tingling in your body during the night. For others, the need for sleep is reduced and they need less sleep.

2. Activity near the crown chakra :
Tingling, itching, itching sensations on the scalp and along the spine. This is an opening of the crown chakra that opens to higher energies.

3. Sudden waves of emotions : Sudden crying: suddenly become angry or sad without reason; an inexplicable depressive mood that then turns into a happy feeling. (emotional roller coaster).

4. Old traumas or old energies come to the surface: Old pains and wounds bubbling upwards and the people with whom you have to work out these themes reappear in your life, while you had not heard from them for years. Emotionally restricting cords and feelings of bitterness and resentment demand to be released.

5. Changes in weight: One gains enormous weight, while the other loses a lot of weight. This has to do with the release / retention of emotional patterns. Physical weight is largely linked to our hormone housekeeping, which in turn is driven by the emotions.

6. Changes in eating patterns: Sometimes very strange food choices. You can suddenly get a sense of things you would never eat otherwise. Eating habits are again largely connected with the emotional fluctuations that you go through.

7. Food intolerances and allergies that you never had before : The more you open up to higher energies, the more sensitive your energy system will become. Your body tells you what it no longer needs or what you no longer serve.

8. Changes in vision : Sometimes a blurred vision, seeing a glare, colors or auras around objects, plants, animals and people. When you close your eyes, you no longer see darkness but a kind of redness. Some see geometrical figures, flashes of light, bright colors or images of objects when they close their eyes. Colors are perceived more “lively”. The sky looks bluer and the grass seems more vivid green. As you become more sensitive, you can perceive guises or contours in space, especially when it is almost dark. These are often your guides, angels or other immaterial entities.

9. Changes in hearing : You can be very sensitive to all kinds of sounds. They sometimes seem to get much sharper, almost unbearable. Other symptoms include hearing strange sounds, beeps, or electronic patterns. Some hear something like the murmur of water, the humming of bees, crying or ringing sounds. Still others hear strange voices in their dreams, as if someone is standing next to them. Your ears are adjusting to higher frequencies.

10. Increased taste and touch sensations : Some people can smell and taste the chemical additives in food as a bad taste. You smell and taste sharper and can enjoy more food that contains more vitality. It seems like you have a larger “range”. Even the smell of flowers a little further away can be perceived by some very vividly.

11. Energy bursts through the skin : Skin rashes, pimples, acne, hives or shingles can occur, again connected to the emotional fluctuations that you experience. As you purify your emotional body (forgiveness, letting go of old resentment, anger or frustration, etc …) you will notice that the skin will become calmer.

12. Periods of intense energy : that allow you to jump out of your bed and shoot in full action. These can then be followed up by moments of great lethargy or fatigue. These periods are usually related to the infusions of higher frequencies in a given period.

13. Changes during prayer or meditation : Many find that they can not focus so easily during meditation. Others gradually let go of “compulsory” meditation because life itself becomes more and more a living, spontaneous meditation.

14. Sudden heat or cold impulses : Suddenly you feel a heat coming from head to toe. Others suddenly get inexplicably cold (goose bumps). They are manifestations of intense energies that flow into the body.

15. Physical complaints or discomforts :

Neck pain
Flu-like symptoms
Changes in digestion
Muscle spasms or cramps
Increased heart rate; chest pains
Changes in sexual needs
Stiffness or pain of the limbs
16. Looking younger : With the release of old emotions and restrictive beliefs from the past, you feel literally lighter in your skin. Worries do not weigh so heavily anymore and you start to look younger and more vital.

17. Vivid dreams : Sometimes the dreams are so “real” that you wake up confused. You can even have lucid dreams that you send and control yourself. Some dreams may contain mystical messages. In some cases you will know that you do not actually “dream” but that you had an experience in other dimensions or spheres.

18. Events that give your life a completely different turn : Deaths, divorce, job change, illnesses and dramatic circumstances. Sometimes they all occur simultaneously. It is a period of releasing old ties and attachments and learning to fall back on your Self again. They are also signals that you want to open to feelings of love and compassion for everything.

19. A desire to break free from restrictive structures : A strong urge to separate yourself from “boring”, limiting jobs, people or situations. You have a huge need for “time for yourself” and looking for your passion. You want to be creative and you no longer want to be restricted by others. More need for introspection and being-alone and less interest in all kinds of social activities, parties, etc …

more symptoms of spiritual awakening:

20. Creative bursts : You get a variety of images and ideas, often at a rapid pace. Sometimes it seems that you do not have enough time to work out all your ideas.

21. You feel that time goes faster : Your perception of “time” has changed because of the higher vibrations.

22. Feelings of despair : As you connect to the unity consciousness, waves of despair can overtake you if you pay too much attention to the conflicts and disharmony in the world.

23. Feelings of impatience : As your knowledge and wisdom grows, you know and see more than those who have not yet awakened. You would like to help them, but you will encounter a lot of resistance and disbelief. You also experience impatience because you want to see your intentions or goals realized as quickly as possible. Surrender to the Divine Timing …

24. The feeling that you do not belong here at all : You begin to feel so “different” that you sometimes get the idea that there is no one else who understands you. You are a precursor to the masses and that sometimes gives you the feeling of being an “outsider”. Sometimes you get a strong desire to go back to “home”. This feeling disappears as you put the relationship with your Self first and are willing to manifest yourself on Earth.

25. Feeling that you have to “mourn” because of the old you : A disturbing sensation that everything in your life feels so “different” and new that you left your old self behind. It looks a bit like ‘dying’.

26. Things and people appear at the perfect moment : People, books, movies, synchronous events and events come at the right time to give you a helping hand again. Some seem negative but are always meant to be on a deeper level.

27. Physical disorientation : Sometimes you can feel very unfounded. You will be ‘spatially challenged’ by the feeling that you do not have both legs on the ground or that you walk between two worlds. As your consciousness makes the transition into the new energy, your body sometimes stays behind. Spend more time in nature to better ground the new energy in yourself. This will also pass by.

28. Conversations with yourSelf: You will find yourself talking to the Self more often. Suddenly you realize that you have been chatting with yourSelf for the last 30 minutes. A new level of communication with your being arises and you only experience the tip of the iceberg with regard to these ‘conversations with Self’. The conversations will increase, will start to flow smoothly, be more coherent and provide more insights. You are not going crazy, you are entering the New Energy.

29. Feelings of loneliness : related to the fact that your guides have left. They have been with you on all your journeys in all your incarnations. But now it is time that they retire to make room, so that you can fill that place with your own divinity. This is also over. The emptiness within you will be filled with the love and energy of your own Christ Consciousness.

30. Observing visions, numbers and symbols : Seeing all kinds of symbols or numbers that suddenly appear in your consciousness or in the external world. For example, many see regular 11:11 when they “accidentally” look at their digital clock or watch, or other numbers such as 22, 33, 555, etc … These numbers serve as a subconscious trigger for a deeper awakening. They contain hidden meanings that are received at subconscious level.

31. Electrical and mechanical malfunctions : Light bulbs flicker, computers often cause malfunctions, radio frequencies just fall away, etc … because of the fluctuating energy fields.

32. Deeper communication with plants and animals : Because the love and the inner peace increase more, wild animals become less afraid of you. Plants answer your love and attention more than ever. Some animals or plants have a message for you. You are on your way to becoming a plant and animal whisperer.

33. Faster manifestation of your intentions : The frequency increase reduces the time between placing intentions and manifesting them. You become more aware that you are a creator of your own reality.

34. Heart rhythm disorders : because of a further opening of the heart chakra. The heart puts itself in a new balance after an emotional clearing. Usually these disorders are innocent.

35. Faster hair and nail growth : More protein is converted into the body.

36. Memories of childhood experiences or past lives : Suppressed memories of past or parallel lives can suddenly appear in function of the general integration of your sub-personalities.

37. The left hemisphere seems to function less : The left side of your brain that stands for order, planning, logical thinking, analytical abilities, evaluations, assessments, etc … is put on the back burner to stimulate the right hemisphere that represents psychic abilities , spatial vision, feeling compassion, seeing colors and energies, intuitive knowing, etc … This often results in memory disorders, can not find the words so well, the inability to read for a long time, difficulties with the linear forms of communication (written or spoken). Sometimes you feel a bit dull and do not feel like discussing discussions or doing well / not talking. On the other hand, you seem more attracted to videos, magazines with photos, beautiful artwork, music, painting, dancing, coloring, gardening or other kinesthetic forms of expression.

38. Loss of your passion: You can feel completely unpassioned, where you have little or no desire to do something. That is OK and it is only part of the process. Use this time to do ‘no-thing’. Do not fight with yourself because this too will pass. It looks like restarting your computer. It is necessary to ‘turn off’ yourself for a short time to install the new advanced software, or the new ‘Christseed’ energy.

39. Detoxification symptoms : At this moment the physical body will be most affected and many feel physical symptoms of pain in the lower back, disturbed digestive systems and symptoms of detoxification. Then all of this will calm down and the body will just become the new energy system and begin to take advantage of it. You release old patterns and memories of how the physical body should function and allow the changes so that you can hold a higher vibration and more light and energy.

40. Kundalini experiences : Kundalini is a Sanskrit word, meaning “rolled up”. It indicates the energy that traditionally, rolled up three-and-a-half times at the base of our spine. This energy, which remains unconscious to most people, is in fact our greatest strength of creativity and awareness. Kundalini works in everyone and always flows through our bodies to a slight degree. People who awaken spiritually can experience strong waves of joy and gratitude as a result of the further opening of the kundalini, which extend further throughout the body.

You see, both mind and body undergo a very profound metamorphosis. That is why it is very useful to create a lifestyle in which you give the body the chance to let go of all the old taxes. Both mentally and certainly physically you can support yourself very well in this release process, even to the extent that the higher energies can “implant” into your physical body faster and you can thus feel much lighter, more joyful and more free. . We would now like to give you some very useful and practical advice that will enable you to prepare not only your mind but also your physical vehicle in an effective way for the next quantum leap in consciousness. They are offered to you without obligation:

1. Choose Life-saving Nutrition

Eat as much food as possible that is unprocessed and still contains a lot of original life force. Organic / organic products contain fewer pesticides and heavy metals than other products. Over the last 100 years, the quality of food sources has deteriorated drastically. The quality of the food is a reflection of the quality of the relationship that man has with Life itself. On a global scale, there is still an overall tendency to neglect the quality of life. One often chooses to undermine nutritional habits, a superficial and / or hectic lifestyle and usually pays a price for that: many are tired, physically (and mentally) exhausted, live with obesity and have so much waste and energetic cell load over time piled up that their body screams for cleansing, renewal and transformation at all levels of their being.

Spiritually awakening souls begin to become aware of the way modern man is passing by and are looking for that beautiful Being that they have always been. The process of self-healing has many facets. Because Love begins to grow for its own being, people also pay more attention to the quality of all those ‘things’ that are or are not allowed to enter the body and mind. Taking responsibility for your own life and your own energy management automatically means that you are selective with regard to the things that you take, whether it be food, thoughts, emotions or impressions. From love for yourself you start to give yourself quality of life in ALL areas and choose not only for qualitative convictions or ideas, but also for quality food that supports you both physically and mentally in your process. Mother Earth is pleased with your presence and would like to help you in releasing all the old pieces, waste materials, energetic blockades, cell loads, etc., so that you can finally give the splendor of your own Being ‘hands and feet’ again. That is why the closer the food – which you take to yourself – is in the purity of Mother Earth, the more it still contains the high earth energy that you need to purify yourself. Organic-organic vegetables and fruit have been exposed to far fewer contaminants (herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, …) and are larger carriers of pure earth energy. That is why they can support you much more in your transformation. That does not mean that other food is by definition bad or unhealthy. It is not about good or bad, spiritually “wrong” or “right”, but simply about the choice of the food that provides the greatest benefit for the reconstruction of the Universal God Man. Whatever food you take, know that you can always increase its energetic value through your blessing or loving attention, but nothing goes beyond that food that carries the pure life force of the Earth. You will always be able to taste the difference.

Particularly valuable are germs or shoots. In addition to the high energy value, germs have a great ability to defuse free radicals in your body. Free radicals are substances that are created in the body and damage the cell tissues and accelerate the aging process. There is no food that can be eaten as fresh as germs. Until the moment of eating, the germ continues to grow and the quality of the ingredients, including the vitality, remains optimal. Young, fresh shoots from edible seeds, grains and legumes form an unprecedented wealth of nutrients, which is completely different from the seeds from which they originate. Everyone can grow these sprouts in a few days to a week if they want. They are also available in numerous fresh food stores.

If you choose to eat meat, choose meat from animals that have been raised with respect and that have been treated without artificial hormones or growth promoters. Most of the meat that is for sale in stores comes from the agro industry. The animals have a short and miserable life there. They stay in their entire lives, in dark stalls, packed with many. It goes without saying that the energy frequency of the meat of these animals that have not lived in dignity is significantly lower. Moreover, they are treated with so many chemicals that this is an extra burden for your body that already has to work overtime to get your system more or less purified. Most animals treated with dignity come from private individuals. Know that the animal world always gives itself to man in love. Before you take the meat, take a moment of silence to thank the soul of the animal. This also transmutes the possible fear vibrations and other impurities that were still present in the flesh.

2. Drink at least 3 to 4 liters of pure water per day

Many transmutation symptoms are simply due to the fact that the physical body is not sufficiently hydrated, ie there is too little fluid circulating in the body to bind the waste materials. Water is a superconductor to remove everything that does not belong in your body from your system. The brain cells contain 70% water, the muscles 75%, the bones contain 50% water, and your blood even contains 90% water. With a water shortage of about 10% of your body weight your balance is already disturbed. A first consequence is the reduction of the amount of blood, which makes the blood too thick. Thick blood flows worse and as a result, the body’s cells are poorly supplied with oxygen and food. Many say that it is sufficient if you drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily, and indeed this is better than nothing. But the body in this transition time needs more, and this is especially true for lightworkers who want to let their I AM Presence submerge in their physical structure. Three to four liters – spread over a whole day – is actually the minimum you need for proper hydration of the cell structure.

It is also a bad assumption to think that you only have to drink water when you get thirsty. Thirst is just the first signal of dehydration. The thirst reflex is generated by the hormone angiotensin. This ensures that you get less saliva in your mouth and your mouth will feel dry. When you have drunk, another hormone made by the adrenal glands causes your body to retain water. Alcohol neutralizes this hormone. A consequence of this is that by drinking alcohol you no longer get a signal that you have drunk enough and therefore remain thirsty. If you drink milk, tea, soft drinks, coffee, etc., your body considers this as food, so it is not absorbed into your blood quickly. However, if you drink pure water, this will cause an increase in your blood volume after 10 minutes. Beverages such as coffee, regular tea, cola, chocolate milk, various sports drinks, etc … contain methylxantine and promote the water excretion of the body. Also chocolate, various painkillers, guarana and alcohol extract water from the body.

There is a lot of difference in the quality of water. Tap water has – due to many additives and contaminants – a mutated atomic structure and is actually quite unsuitable to really hydrate the body. Traditionally, most tap water has been disinfected by the addition of chlorine, but there are important drawbacks. Not only does the water taste bad, but moreover it becomes in fact impure. After all, no contaminants (bacteria) are removed, something is added, namely chlorine. The killed bacteria remain in the water, so they can still cause symptoms in sensitive individuals. Then we have not yet spoken about the fluoridation of the tap water. So choose for well water that has been filtered by the earth itself and therefore contains more earth energy. Good spring water is available everywhere. However, if you do not want to drag with water from the supermarket, you can use a water filter to improve the quality and purity of tap water. Then choose a water filter system that is able to remove almost all solutes, heavy metals, chlorine and fluorine compounds and bacterial residues. (Carbon filters have only a limited cleaning effect, osmosis or distillation filters are more effective in this). Furthermore, the energy value of the (filtered) water can be increased by giving positive attention and appreciation. This has been discussed before. The advantage of “blessing” the water is that your body’s cells will open up even more for its cleansing effect.

3. Do physical exercise daily

Daily physical exercise will further support your body in the elimination of toxins. It has many advantages. There is an increase in aerobic performance. The oxygen supply to the cells thereby improves. The number of capillaries (capillaries) in the muscles increases and makes the supply and removal of nutrients or waste materials easier. Physical exercise also has a good effect on the blood. The blood volume increases. By increasing blood circulation and breathing and better bowel movements, there is a better excretion of waste.

Which physical exercise is good for you? Choose what you want as long as you enjoy it. For example, walking firmly enjoys a good reputation and is one of the easiest forms of exercise at the same time. No specific skills are required and no special equipment. Yet there is one form of physical exercise that we particularly want to recommend, and that is a quarter of an hour and a half jumping up and down on a (mini) trampoline. It is very beneficial for the body. Why jump trampoline? Because every time the body comes down, the cells – due to the gravitational effect of gravitation – are lightly pressed and this pushes the toxins out, as it were. On the other hand – if you jump – your cells “hang” at a certain moment for a brief moment in a weightless state, so that there is a larger blood flow (and therefore a better nutrition and prana-absorption) in the cell. Trampoline jumping is also pleasant and gives only minimal strain on hips, knees, ankles and feet. Suppleness and agility increase just like your balance and coordination feeling. The left and right sides of your brain are more attuned to each other. Trampoline jumping clears the lymph nodes and strengthens your immune system. It supplies the heart and blood with more oxygen. It strengthens the physical muscle tissue, burns excess fat tissue and even stimulates the hair roots with every up and down movement. You see, it has many advantages. A large trampoline is not necessary, a mini-model is sufficient. Then jump every 15 to 20 minutes every day, preferably 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening and feel how your body responds to it.

4. Breathe your Self in your body

Breathing is a life condition. By breathing you transport oxygen through your body and remove your waste, such as carbon dioxide, by breathing out. If you do not exhale properly, you will only lose part of the waste. These leftover waste materials accumulate in your body so that you become tired and you lose your zest for life. If you are excited or anxious, you have a ‘high’ breathing. You then breathe in and out faster, mainly using the chest muscles and clavicles. In this way you have to make a lot of effort and you get relatively little air. The abdominal breathing is a natural way of breathing that costs little effort and generates a lot of air. With proper breathing, you breathe “your Self” into your lower chakras (in your abdominal area) and create a stronger earth bond that will stabilize and keep you centered in all areas. Compared with breast breathing, abdominal breathing has a higher yield because the lungs are better used. Abdominal breathing occurs by pulling the diaphragm together, and as a result the space of the thorax increases in the vertical direction. The air reaches the lungs and more oxygen is absorbed into the blood than with the breast breathing. More oxygen and prana intake leads to a more efficient detoxification. The abdominal breathing is a natural breathing that naturally arises in a state of rest and relaxation. You can see this for example in small children who sleep, but also in pets such as the dog and the cat. But the opposite also applies; if you choose to breathe deeply into your stomach, you will gradually become calmer and relaxed and you will be able to have more and more control. With this you make room for the New Energy to be able to flow in …

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