Etrian Odyssey V

I have very limited time, so I haven’t been able to sink the time into this that I would like. However, I’ve finally made it to the third Stratum, which means Masteries are unlocked. As a result, I feel more confident in releasing and sharing my guild card, complete with a Masurao with 5 ranks in New Challenger.

There’s a few growing pains I feel with this fifth iteration, mostly on how difficult it is create a character with a class not preferred by it’s race, especially after retiring one you’ve done this with previously. Overall, however, I feel this game is a solid challenge with some real surprises (like that post-game boss they stuck on the second stratum for some nefarious reason.) If you’ve liked previous games in the franchise, I’d encourage you to check this one out.

Is It Too Late For New Game Plus?

I have started a new job as a factory worker for an aluminum die plant. It is long hours for average pay but the overtime works out to me working two jobs and this job gives me a chance to prove I can do something different. A lack of sleep is now an even greater problem. I worry for my children’s safety. Especially in the mornings when I drive them with me. These kids aren’t old enough to trust to be on their own either. The truth is I am exhausted all the time and it is a miracle I can even function. I am a god damned wizard on caffeine summoning the ability to care and function out of an increasingly dry well. Go me.